Sea Horse Andirons

The fire grows, and the wood burns,

More and more. While the sea horses move

Through the burning surface, with calm pace,

As if they were floating.

Two sea horses, andirons sea horses,

In a sea of fire, moving from side

To side. The burning red around them

Does not burn them, it makes them brighter.

Golden sea horse andirons, glow in the

Fire light, as my hands move them. But they

Move at their own pace, showing my hands

How to navigate the fire.

Two golden sea horses, hold the fire

Together, and their shadows on the walls

Blink on and off, dancing with the light. If only

The sea horses could perpetuate the night.

When the fire ends, they’ll still be there,

But with less light, and perhaps less life.

If only they could make the fire last,

If only they could perpetuate the night.

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