Sea Star in the Sand

Walking in the dessert, we saw a star.

“It’s a sea star” she said, and we smiled,

As the sand blew around us, and

The ocean felt farther than ever.

What kind of star do you think it is,

I asked, and immediately she smiled.

“A sea star that only comes once in

A lifetime” she said.

“A star from a secret ocean,

an ocean that when you look at it for

too long, it becomes sand. An ocean

that only exists in our world.”

What world is that? I asked her,

As the light of the star became

Brighter, and her smile became

Brighter, and I wished it to never end.

“A world where stars, stars made out

Of shells, brighten up the night.

And where bright stars make us

Forget, forget we are saying goodbye.”

All the bright stars make us smile,

I thought, but they are not in the

Sand. They are far, far from us. And they

Sleep under the sand at night.

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