Seagulls in the Morning

The seagulls stand, in the rising morning,

The sun coming up, while they look into the horizon.

A few clouds above them, far from each other and

Lonely, while the seagulls feel the ocean breeze.

It’s still early, and the seagulls welcome the warm

Sun, their wings feel young, and something in the

Air promises a day of flying. They stand tall,

As if deciding in group when to take off.

The seagulls know their way back home,

A home that waits for them, over and over again.

Still, it is not time to take off yet,

The morning is new, and they still have time to sing.

A couple of them also dance, moving their feet

And wings, making a choreograph created

Much before their time. They celebrate another

Day, and they celebrate their life.

The seagulls stand tall, in the smiling morning,

The sun is stronger now, and they feel it.

Perhaps it is time to start their flight, move their

Wings, and go back home, always together.

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