Shadows of the Night

The night came back to the hotel, and the moonlight

Filled the once-shiny hallways.

The stairs, where children played in the mornings,

Were silent now, while shadows walked the steps.

The shadows walked up the steps, as if they were performing

A dance they knew too well.

And us, lost in the night at a foreign hotel,

Just followed the shadows, trying to keep their rhythm.

It had been a long summer, and as the days of leaving

Approached, we feared the return.

The return to live far from the hotel seemed

Not only unexciting, but also intimidating.

So, when the shadows came to us, or we came to them,

We followed them.

The adventure the shadows in the darkness offered was

So intriguing, that we forgot where we were going.

Suddenly the shadows took us to a room, an almost

Empty room, filled by the light

Of the moon. And, standing in the center of the room,

Was a wicker golf bag, waiting for us.

Standing in the room, with the wicker bag, we heard the

Shadows laugh, and we understood.

Our shadows had gone with them too, and there was no going

Back for us. We were part of the room now, just like the wicker bag.

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