Singing Brass Fish

The blue body of water was cold, and

Even though the sun burned my shoulders,

The fresh liquid made me shiver. So, I moved

My legs and arms to feel warmer.

The waves came one after another, with a

Rhythm I couldn’t decipher. Some times

Faster, and others slower. I threw myself under

Them, and enjoyed the white bubbles over me.

As time passed by, it was more difficult

To come back out, and they continued

Coming, sooner each time. It was then,

When one of them wrapped me like a blanket.

It carried me, as if it didn’t want to let go,

And breathing became harder. All I could

See were two fish, with brass heads,

Swimming towards me.

The fish were surrounded by a

Bright light, and they smiled at me

As if they were saying it was okay

To go with them, towards their gleam.

My arms and legs felt heavier, and the brass

Fish were closer, blinding me with their

Brightness. Until someone pull my arm, and the

Fish disappeared. The sun, still there, felt warm again.

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