Standing in front of the Pagoda

Standing in

Front of the pagoda,

After a long journey, she asked,

in which one would you go in if there were two of them?

The one to

The left is bright, and

The one to the right is dark, she

Said. The one to the left is colorful, and the other black.

In which one

Would I find you? I asked,

And she smiled, like only women do and

Told me to not be silly, she could be hiding in either one.

The one to the

Left has windows, and the one

To the right only locked doors, the one to

The left has plants, and the one to the right has iron walls.

But the one to

The left, has the future written

Down, and no surprises at all. The one to

the right is open to be written, open for new words.

So we

Held hands, and walked

Into the pagoda, we didn’t need to

Say it, we both had picked the one on the right.

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