Starfish in the Glass Dome

When I first got here, there were only four of us. How long ago, you asked? I’m not sure, probably a long time ago, since we are nine now, and I believe we were four for a while. But, who knows, time moves differently for a starfish like me. Anyway, as I was saying, when I got here there were four of us, counting me. The guy who found me was nice, and after he picked me up by the ocean, he put me in a small plastic bag for some time, until he brought me here, home, inside this warm glass dome.

The others accepted me quickly, and were quite nice when I arrived. They welcomed me to the dome, and taught me a few things about the kind man who picked me up. They said he had picked up all of them, and had used similar plastic bags, while he put together the dome, that would become our residence. As I said earlier, we were four for a while, or it felt like a while. At least I can say with some certainty, we were four while we lived in that home.

The man who brought me here, and who built this dome for us, used to put us by the window, and the sun would hit us in a nice angle in the afternoons. I still remember the warm sensation of the sun hitting us, during those long afternoons, still the four of us. We were all sad the day that nice man left, and we never knew where he went. It’s hard when someone leaves so suddenly.

Somehow, we ended up in another home, not by a window anymore, but in a room with couches, on top of a small table. The sun didn’t hit us in the afternoons anymore, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. That is where two more starfish joined us. The little lady who owned the house brought them with her, and sat them next to us. We didn’t live there for a while, and before we knew it we moved to where we live now.

This new house is a happy place. There are kids in this home, and every once in a while, one of them puts us by the window again, and once more we can enjoy the warm sun in the afternoons. Now, three more starfish have joined us, and I feel like nine is a good number. We enjoy how alive this home is, and we appreciate the laughs around us. I hope we stay here for a while, or forever. But then again, who knows what forever means, time moves different for a starfish like me.

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