Still Time to Celebrate

The town is all getting ready, for the party

Of the end of the year. The streets start to

Fill with a whisper, the whisper of

Celebration. But he sits, still and quiet.

What can an old elephant celebrate? He wonders.

My eyes are sad, my ears are low, and if I left,

Who would miss a big, old elephant? My days

Of celebrating already have gone.

The party is for the young, the alive,

And not for someone who hurts when he

Walks. The party is for those who can

See tomorrow, and don’t think of the past.

Still, some excitement reaches him, and

The whisper finds his ears. If they are

Celebrating, maybe an old elephant

Can celebrate too. Today is still here.

So, he puts on his best attire, and his

Once sad eyes, are filled with light now.

He is an old elephant, but something has

Changed. He is still alive, and today is still here.

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