Storks in the Mercury Glass Vases

It only takes place when I’m home alone,

And the empty streets outside are dark.

I open my window, to let the breeze in,

And then they come out and fly.

During the day, they live inside their home,

In the mercury glass vases by the door,

But when the lights go down, and the window

Goes up, they come to life, and fly.

Two hand painted storks, living in mercury

Glass, during the day, and flying at night.

All I do is open the window, and they

Materialize, and go out to enjoy the breezy night.

When they leave the mercury glass vases,

They are small in size, but when they go

Out the window, their wings expand,

And they become the majestic birds they are.

If only I could join them! How much

Joy I would have!

But all I can do is open the window,

And enjoy our secret, and the night.

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