The Arches of our Lives

There are arches that we visit once and they become ours. There are roofs and windows, and little doors, that we take ownership of because they remain in our memories long after we see them for the first time. There are people, and colors, and scenarios that become part of our lives after we see them and declare our love.

There are universal images, universal places, which seem similar, but each of them has something unique for us. Not every arch is the same, not every roof is the same, and neither are the feelings we attach to each of them. Every scenario has its own scent, its own laugh, its own time.

While these places, places we don’t call home, have similarities, they all carry a different memory within us. The summer we won’t forget because we had never seen a bluer ocean, that night we got to see the biggest stars anyone had ever seen, the breeze that made us cry because we felt completely alone, and many other circumstances would not be the same without their own location.

We make these places ours, because we attach to them through emotions, through experiences, through living. These places live within us, and we are part of their history as well. Somewhere in the world there is a painting of our special places, and in each of those painting there is a little bit of each of us.

There are arches, and roofs, and windows, and skies that become ours, all we have to do is close our eyes, and they are there.

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