The Bride & Bird

She walked with delicate little steps,

towards a man she did not entirely know.

She clutched in her hands, peach blossoms,

of pinks, and reds, oranges, and whites.

Above her, an Ibis as white as her gown,

flew on. Free, and carrying in its mouth,

the seeds of a peach tree, that he would

eventually drop and cultivate the earth.

Making new Peach Trees for brides

to pick from and seek encouragement as

they walk shyly towards their new world.

The Peach, in all its glorious flavor,

a dessert from God,

helps bring unity to two perfect strangers.

Together, they may taste the flavor of a new life.

And the Ibis continues on,

his mate awaiting him.

Peach seeds in tow,




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