The Circus is in Town

The circus came back every August, and the whole town became a brighter place. Since the beginning of summer, everyone started getting ready for the arrival of the circus. Some houses were painted, people started wearing colorful clothes, and even the birds seemed to know the circus was coming soon, and the party feeling in the air was almost palpable.

They all wanted to be part of the party, as if getting the town and themselves ready, they became part of the circus too. As if all year, everything they had done, everything they had worked on, was only a reality when the circus arrived, and they could celebrate it. The circus was the town’s celebration of life, and every year did not end or begin until the circus stopped by.

Each year they had a big attraction, and Marcus wondered what the big attraction would be that year. He was 18 years old, and his life too had been marked by the circus. Having an August birthday, Marcus had celebrated each of his years with the circus arrivals, and always considered the new attractions to be his birthday presents. One year he had seen a tray cart that moved forwards and backwards, following the command of his master. Another year he had witnessed a couple of dogs dance to the howls of a third dog, and on his tenth birthday he met a black female cat who was able to hug people, if she thought they were sad.

And this year was special for Marcus, because he was leaving town. At 18, he had to leave, and didn’t know if he would ever celebrate his birthday in his hometown again. So, when the circus came, and the town became more colorful, he knew it wasn’t just his birthday celebration, it was also his goodbye party.

Suddenly, he realized the town was filled with balloons, balloons of all colors and sizes, flying around him, as the circus people prepared three giant balloon baskets, so people could go on rides. The circus would give him one more birthday present, the chance to see his town from the balloon basket, just before saying goodbye.

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