The Coral in the River

Walking around the Suwannee River beds, in Florida, we found them. Two Agatized Coral specimens, laying there, as if they had been waiting for us for millions of years. Amazed by the colors, we all stopped our conversation, and witnessed the reflection of the sun and the water in them. “They are Agatized Coral, these are usually 20 or 30 million years old!” George said, when one of us was finally able to say something. “What else could they be?” I asked, as if starting a game.

“I see the universe, the whole vast universe moving, maybe in circles, or maybe in waves. I see the universe, and the planets sharing a light that is brighter in certain areas, and darker in others. I see planets, and rocks, and the moon floating, moving quickly, as if it was late for a meeting.”

“I see the sun, just the sun, burning and burning. The sun, big and imposing, with its sharp edges filled with light, and a strength that only the sun can have. I see the sun, with a visceral heat, coming towards us, as we are blinded by its shine. The sun moving quickly, as a bride running late for her wedding.”

“I see the desert; dry and infinite. I see the desert, looking empty in the distance, but filled with life as you approach it. I see the desert, under the sun, and the hot sand almost on fire, enjoying the warmth. I see the desert, with no water anywhere around, however, something leads you to believe there was water there once, maybe the colors, or maybe the desire to believe in a past different from today. I see the desert, and the sand moving quickly, as a frightened lost kid looking for his parents.”

I see the Suwannee River, on a hot summer day. There are no humans around, and all you can hear is the river, the animals, and the plants moving in the air. I see the Suwannee River naked, and these Agatized Coral forming, without knowing we will find them one day. I see the Suwannee River, moving slow, as someone who knows tomorrow we will come and swim in its waters.


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