The Escape

What if today we try to get up and run, run somewhere new? I know, I know, you have said many times we can’t, or we shouldn’t, but what if? Perhaps today is the day, perhaps all we have to do is get up, and the world will be ours, and we will be able to run, and no one will realize we are not here, and we can finally be free.

Sometimes one gets tired to be still, you know? Tired of being in the same place, at all times, and not being able to even move. Look at us, we are meant to run free in the wild, and rest whenever we want to. We are more than decorative pieces. We have impressive legs, and full hearts, and majestic speed, I think, and we deserve to run.

I understand it’s scary for you, after all you have been here longer than me, but trust me, it’s never too late. We don’t have to stay here, laying down under these palm trees, pretending to be still, when we both know we are meant to be outside. The sun will make our skin even more colorful, and the breeze will rearrange our fur, as we run away from here and head into the unknown.

Maybe we can just try it, maybe just once. We’ll get up, with these unused legs of ours, and we’ll go out to see what that outside world has for us. Come on, there’s a wilderness waiting for us, all we have to do is get up, and run into any direction. Before we are too old, before we are even more scared, before staying inside becomes more attractive than being outside, free.

I see your silence, and I see you, laying there, still as if you don’t hear me. We can be so similar, and at the same time so different. But we are a pair, and I’ll stay with you, until I convince you to run away with me.

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