The General’s Boots

The General has lost his boots.

He awoke, and they were not there, and

Life has not been the same since. His

Boots are missing, and the future is uncertain.

The General cannot understand, what could

Have happened? They were there last night,

And they are gone now. He moves his arms

In disbelief, who could do such a thing?

The General woke up at eight in the morning,

He had had a dreamless night, and

The room was hot and it felt like

Summer. He enjoyed the heat.

It was almost nine now, and he still

Couldn’t find the boots. It felt like

Autumn, and he became sad knowing

Perhaps it was the autumn of life.

If I still ruled this nation, he thought,

The boots would never have been gone.

But those times have passed, and

No one cares about an old General’s boots.

The General looks around the room,

And it seems emptier than ever before.

The boots are missing, probably forever.

The General lays down, and cries.

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