The Metal Warriors

Sunrise comes, and the two metal warriors stand

In front of the sun, leaning against the wall.

The sun light hits their glass eyes, and

The warriors stand without a blink.

The warriors see the grass, and

The years passed, hiding in the green.

The lines in the trees, trees they know,

And the horizon that doesn’t change for them.

The afternoon comes, and they still stand

Leaning against the wall, and the future

Seems to wait, but they know better,

The sun may hide, but they await its return.

The warriors see the day go by, the year

Go by, and what was once instant, seems

To come back, and their glass eyes without

Blinking, tired they are.

The day goes by, the year goes by,

And the warriors smile. The night has

Arrived, and the time has gone by,

They will rest now, until the new year.

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