The Past and the Settee

The cane, connected by hands long gone,

Rests in the wood, with a dignified stance

Only time can provide. While the world

Quickly moves forward, in concentric circles.

The time has passed, through the old settee,

and the stories are written now, in each line,

in each detail of time, in each wrinkle.

The wood laying beneath the cane, knows about time.

The carvings in the wood, also know about

Time, and hide the stories of almost

Forgotten days. The past is buried, then, in

Every detail of the settee, with open eyes.

But if you look close enough, when

You sit, or lay down, you can see the

Past, refusing to leave, holding to the

Burning essence of its existence.

And if you listen carefully, and reach the

Deep silence of tranquility, you can

Hear the stories too, of yesterday,

And of you.

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