The Rhinoceros and I

I saw a rhinoceros walk by,

His large steps moved the land, and his

Heavy breathing made the air around us

More powerful. He was quite large.

I saw a rhinoceros walk in the green grass,

His eyes were calm, or perhaps sad,

He didn’t smile. He just walked, oblivious

To my presence.

If someone had told me a rhinoceros would

Walk by me, I would have been afraid,

And probably said I would run. But he walked by

And the day didn’t end, he didn’t seem to mind.

He was closer now, and I could again see

His eyes, and they were strong but sad.

His skin, wrinkled and gray, moved

Side to side, as he walked by.

This could be the last rhinoceros, I thought,

And he probably wondered if I was

The last walking man. We were both alone

In a large and melancholic world.

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