The Setting in The Forest

The world was so new for us then, that every place was a discovery. So much time has passed; so much time, that sometimes I wonder if some of those experiences really took place, or if it was me who lived them. But, they really took place, and it was me, there’s no doubt about it.

We were playing, as children do, running around and losing each other between the trees and the big fields of grass. The summer days were upon us, and the world was as infinite as the territory of our adventures. We ran, we laughed, we sang, and we discovered new territories as young conquerors do all around the world. One day we took an unusual turn, and that’s when we found it. It looked like a perfect setting for a meeting, and it was so beautiful that we slowed down and lowered our voices.

Someone had left the pieces there, in the middle of the trees, and each piece shined as if they had just been touched or put together. We looked around, but couldn’t find anyone, or any sign of who had arranged such beautiful setting. We were afraid to touch anything, as if confirming with tact their verisimilitude would damage the illusion we were witnessing.

But curiosity and temptation won over fear, as it usually does with children, and we touched the pieces, and sat on the chairs, and open the drawers of the chest, and pretended to be adults having important conversations in our new special scenario. We didn’t tell anyone, because it was our secret, and all summer we went back and enjoyed the special place we had found, and now conquered.

Until one day, when we went back and everything had been removed. We never knew whose pieces they were, or who took them, and even when we were sad they had disappeared, we were also glad we had found them and enjoyed them. We had lived the fantasy of a setting someone had created, and we had made those pieces ours for that little amount of time. And most of all, we had been happy, we had lived a summer experience we would never forget, and there was nothing else we could ask for.

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