The Sovereign of the Seas

Many years later, in a small street market, he recognized the first boat he ever fell in love with. After a life of learning about them, collecting them, seeing them as one sees their best friends, talking to them and sharing his stories with them, he knew almost everything one needed to know about boats. And he remembered clearly the first time he saw a boat, and thought there was nothing more beautiful or more freeing than a boat.

He was only nine years old then, and his life was mainly spent between school and friends, as most kids his age. When one day, his father arrived with a present for him. It was inside a big box, and the size was enough to make any nine year old curious. When his father opened the box, it was love at first sight. He saw the boat model diorama inside its case, and realized there was nothing that could make him feel as happy, more inspired, or more free, than a boat.

For years the happiest part of his day was to go back home and look at the boat diorama, and he shared this love with all of the people around him. He would tell his friends and family members what he learned about boats and everyone was surprised by his passion. No one doubted that one day he would find a way to have his own real boat.

Life continued, and he took the diorama with him wherever he went. Eventually the kid who had loved the boat diorama grew, and he was able to buy his first boat. Appreciating boats, learning about them, trying to understand them, was something he continued to do, even after he lost his precious diorama in one of the moves he went through.

So that day, standing in front of a boat diorama, just like the one he once had, the one that made him fall in love with boats, the nine year old boy inside of him recognized his best friend. It was the same, a beautiful boat model diorama of the “Sovereign of the Seas.” Naturally, he knew what he had to do, he picked up his old friend and took him back home.

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