The Stories in The Commode

I haven’t been able to sleep for a week. Actually, I should rephrase that; sadly I have only been able to sleep a few hours for the last week. And, even though that would usually be sad because I want to sleep more, the case in this occasion is the opposite, I have tried to not fall sleep throughout the night, but I always do and always at the best part.

I understand my story seems unclear, so I will try to organize my thought so you can understand me. After all, we just met and the last thing I would want is to confuse you, well, the last thing after being able to not fall asleep at the best part of the story. I see I’m loosing you again, so I will start from the beginning, as storytellers say.

A few weeks ago I bought a striking leather commode. Something about it touched me since the first moment I saw it, and I knew I had to buy it. The first few days I looked at the beautiful commode I had purchased and a smile came to my face, the commode spoke to me and I was happy I had brought it home. This continued until one night, when I realized the images on the leather were what I loved the most about it.


These images on the leather told a story, I realized, a story that captivated me every night while I sat on my bed looking at the commode. But, the stories come only at night, and I always fall asleep before the ending of the stories. It is as if the stories themselves have a power that make me want to know how they are going to end, but also seduce me and hypnotize me until my eyes close before its ending.

So, now I walked around my home as you see me, tired, needing some sleep, and wishing I could not go to sleep one night, just one night, so I could learn the ending of any of those stories that have taken over my life.

Anyway, sorry to bother you with my tale, I know we just met and the last thing someone who is new to the neighborhood wants is a crazy old man talking about his commode. But, I see you just moved in and perhaps you could use a commode? Maybe you can stay awake long enough to know how the stories end.

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