Three Parakeets Standing Outside

Three parakeets stand outside in the street,

in Palm Beach, Florida.

The day is just starting, and the

Parakeets enjoy the morning breeze.

Three parakeets stand in a large tree,

And slowly they see the morning walkers

Come out of their homes. They recognize

Them, Floridian morning walkers.

The parakeets see the people come and

Go, and enjoy the people’s

Particularities. Everyone has a routine,

One of them says, and the others agree.

This town could be just like any other

Town, and these people could be

Just like any other people. But the parakeets

Recognize their uniqueness.

The parakeets know, in their hearts,

They are unique, therefore the people

Around them are unique as well. So,

They enjoy the sun, one more day.

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