Three Traveling Turtles

Three turtles walk in the timid night,

Their bodies not yet tired move rhythmically,

As the intense darkness makes tomorrow

Seems far and distant.

The three turtles know the way, and know

It takes time to travel old roads.

Three turtles, in the dark night, walking

As thousands of times before.

Three turtles walk in the grass, a green

Turquoise tall grass, that expands like

A tablecloth, and welcomes their soft

Steps. Steps filled with old tales.

The vicinity is empty, and the trees,

Silent but comforting, invite them

To continue on their trip. So, the three

Turtles carry through, looking for tomorrow.

Three strong turtles walk in the tender night,

It’s not the first time, but neither the last.

Three turtles explore the territory ahead of them,

Looking for tomorrow, one more time.

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