Timeless Peacocks

They sit in the middle of the room, each

A universe of their own, each a resting bird

Laying in nature. They sit there, calmly and

Timeless, while the world moves around them.

Their feathers open up, and play with

The wind, while the passing by spectators

Admire their colors and their size, yet

They don’t move, they’re still in time.

If they could speak of all of the eyes

Who rested in their bodies throughout time,

Their stories wouldn’t end, but they keep

Quiet, and enjoy as the time passes by.

Two peacocks opening their feather arms

In the middle of a bright day,

Two rattan and reed peacock chairs

Reminiscing of long gone times.

They are timeless, and never shy,

They know the room belongs to them.

Two peacocks with open feather arms

In their own world, with no time.

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