Toucans in the Tree

Seven colorful toucans, welcome the sunlight,

They’re eyes are burning, and they want

To blink, but they resist and look on forward,

Towards the new day ahead.

Seven bright toucans, with their long beaks

and their adventurous wings, stand on their branches,

tall, just like their ancestors once did,

battling the same sun.

 The toucans rest, and move slightly from side

To side, as if they were dancing a choreograph

Learned in the past. The seven of them move

at the same rhythm, but they have different smiles.

Their colors glow in the sunlight, bright and

Blinding. They know well how to reflect the

Light, they know well, how their colors dance.

They know someone looks at them, from afar.

Seven colorful toucans, reflect the sunlight.

So colorful, they almost become glass.

Seven glass toucans, dance standing in

The sky. And at any time, they could fly.

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