Two Elephants Holding a Gong

There has to be someone around here,

Said the elephant to his partner,

Who can hit the gong while we hold it.

My trunk is tired, and my legs feel heavy.

We have been walking for days now,

Miles and miles of an empty road, and still

The sounds of music reaches us, but we

Cannot find where it’s coming from.

Just a little longer, we must be getting close,

The other elephant responded.

You know as well as me, if there’s music close,

There has to be someone there who can help us.

The night is dark, and the vast black sky,

Seems to have no end. No stars to keep them

Company, not even a soft breeze. Just two elephants

Holding a gong, looking for someone to play it.

The music still finds them, a hidden music

They hear, but can’t touch.

So, the elephants continue to walk,

Until they find silence.

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