Two Flying Lights

Two flying lights appeared in the horizon,

Like two stars in the empty, and silent night.

Two little figures, fast in the distance,

Flying towards us, breaking our darkness.

I was surprised, at first, and moved back,

But you stood still, as if you had been waiting for them.

Or perhaps you needed them more than me, but

Actually, we both needed their light.


They look like two monkeys, you said,

And smiled, and the night became brighter.

Two flying monkeys carrying light, I laughed,

Scared that moment would end with my laughter.

Two flying monkeys in the night carrying light

Can fix everything, you said,

And you were right, after all

We had nothing else left that night.

They are flying to us because they know

We are sad, you said.

They are flying to us, because they need

Good friends, I responded.


Two monkeys flying in the night towards us,

Came that night, and we smiled.

The dark nights were over,

We had their light now.

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