Walking Around the Lamp

The elephant saw the camel come back,

Just like the day before, and the day

Before that. The camel seemed tired,

And the elephant lightly smiled.

We see each other again, like every day,

The camel said and returned the side smile.

We walk, to new lands, but end up

Always here, running into each other.

I was sure I wasn’t going in circles this time,

The land looked new, and the sun

Seemed closer. But here we are, in the same

Spot, almost at the same time.

The elephant didn’t speak, he was tired,

And also disappointed. All that walking

And nothing new. All that walking

To get to the same destination.

We walk around, he finally spoke,

Around a round lamp. And we must

Keep walking, until someone turns on the

Light, and we see a new land.

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