Watching the Sun Glow

I’ve seen it glow, behind the mountains of the past,

Surrounded by a pure blue sky, and light clouds.

I’ve seen it glow, showering with light the ruins

Of an old civilization that was there once.

I’ve seen it glow, in a dessert with sand so thin

And so delicate, so warm and almost transparent.

I’ve seen its reflection, in the body of sand,

As it burned our feet and our eyes.

I’ve seen it glow, in the jungle side where

Trees and birds welcome its light.

And hiding, under the tall trees, I looked up

Between the leaves, and saw its smile.

I’ve seen it glow, in an ocean with long waves,

Long and tall waves, like elephant bellies.

And even when the water was still cold,

Its light made it shine like a crystal.

I’ve seen it glow, I’ve seen the sun glow,

In every part of my land, in every state

Of my life. I’ve seen the sun smile and also hide,

I’ve seen it leave, and always come back.

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