Weightless Moments

Do you ever think about becoming weightless?

A weightless so freeing that it would be impossible to go back.

Back to our heavy, strained bodies.

Back to our reluctant minds.

I once watched a turtle cross Seville Road.

Inch by inch, he stepped, carrying his home on top of his back.

The sun shone hotly on his cold-blooded body.

And he, forever giving thanks to the endless Florida sun.

This is life, I thought.

With all its heaviness that we carry day in and day out

We still get up in the morning and have our moments

Moments of happiness, of joy, of kindness,

Moments when the sun seeps into our skin

And we feel held,

We feel embraced and unburdened,

Weightless, if even for only a small moment in a long, arduous day.

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