Whale in the Basement

The whale hides, in my grandmother’s house. It’s a secret her and I have, and we keep it between the two of us, because it’s our secret. It’s hidden in the basement, behind a few dusty photo albums, where we know well no one will find it. Only us.

            The whale is large, and swims around the basement, but always returns to its hiding spot. The whale, large and playful, moves around the ocean that my grandmother’s basement becomes. The whale swims, and we follow it as we see the waves move back and forth, and sometimes even get splashed.

            The lights in the basement are white and bright, and when we go down we turned them on and off, and the white light becomes fast moving, and the whale swims through the light. We laugh, as the whale moves around the florescent sea. No one else sees it, but just us. The whale is in on the secret too, and she also laughs with us.

            My grandmother says I am the only one that can see the whale swimming around, because I have special powers. She claims our family members had the same powers once, but then they grew old. My grandmother is old, but she must have never lost her powers, because she sees the whale too. She says I will always be able to see the whale, all I have to do is close my eyes, and there she will be.

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