What Hides in the Drawers

The first drawer opens up with difficulty,

As if no one had tried to open it in a long time.

When it finally comes out, it smells of yesterday,

And I wonder, who was the last one to smell its scent?

The second drawer is covered with a thin layer

Of dust, which hits my face and blurs my eyes.

When I can see again, the dust is still there,

Looking at me, inquiring who I am.

The third drawer sits in front of my extended

arms, just like the present time, passing by.

I want to stop on the third drawer, and not know

What else the chest hides.

The fourth drawer won’t open up, no matter

How hard I try. It’s not an empty drawer,

And yet, it remains closed. I imagine that is where

The dreams went to die.

The fifth drawer stares at me from the

Bottom of the chest, almost defiant.

Still, I want to see what’s in there, if

there’s room for any more laughs.

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