Words in the Blue Coral

I can’t remember well now if someone said it to me, or if I read it somewhere, but I do remember the impact the sentence had on me the first time I heard it, the same impact it still has when I think of it: Your life is written in the lines of a blue coral piece, lost somewhere in the world. I remember hearing these words, or maybe reading them, and thinking of those lines describing my life, and the coral which held them.

Since then I have gone around the world looking for blue coral, and searching for those lines lost somewhere in the world, written in a blue coral piece. I have travelled around the world finding different blue coral, searching for that piece which spoke of my life. I have visited oceans, and the most remote lands, lands I never thought I would see, and I have found all types of blue coral, except the one I was searching for.

What started as a possibility became a goal in life, as I went around discovering new blue coral, and seeing the world in the process. With the help of friends made on the way, friends who were moved by my story and my love for blue coral, I got to see the most beautiful specimens anyone has ever seen, but none of them were the one.

Each piece of coral, however, had written in their lines someone else’s life, or at least I thought so, so I have been able to read and enjoy many lives written on the coral pieces I’ve found. I have read the history of the people around me written in the coral, and I have come close to this people by becoming familiar with the coral and the sea. In each piece I found a story, a memory, a lesson, something that has stayed with me forever.

After looking for that one piece, not being able to find it, I understood that perhaps all blue coral was one big piece once, so what I have found are lines of my life in each coral piece I have ever seen. Each of them told me of other people, but also had something of me, so I will continue looking for those lines, the lines in the blue coral that write my life.

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